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Welcome to Maureen's Choice
Polegate Willingdon History Books
Post: Maureen's Choice
8 Wannock House
2 Wannock Lane
Lower Willingdon
BN20 9SA England
01323 485971
Please make all cheques payable to: Maureen Copping

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A guide for new members

Tape recording is like a one sided telephone call, but as tapes are sent out through the post all over the world, is cheaper than a telephone call. So that folk can communicate by voice contact. Or if you prefer as pen pals, rather like a pen pal club in sound.

In a pen pal club one writes a letter to another person, who reads it then, replies. With tapesponding a person records a message and then sends the recording to another person who listens to it and replies. These are one to one contacts. The medium that is used is usually on a cassette but it could be an open reel tape, mini disc, CD or on a computer via email.

The frequency of exchange is entirely up to each couple. The club supplies a membership directory so that you find a suitable person to communicate with. One can send recordings to as many members as one wishes. Some members have one, or have as many as forty contacts. The person wishing to tape usually writes to ask if they would like to tape with you. If they say yes, you supply the tape and make the first recording. The same tape being used over and over again.

We make a small charge annually for providing an annual directory, with amendments throughout the year. We also produce a quarterly printed magazine, known as Chatterer's World, four times a year, which is made up of member's articles on many different topics. We also produce a Sound magazine made up of members own recordings. As well as this, we have a few section round robins on a particular subject, ranging from music of all kinds, to documentaries etc,

As a lot of our members have new technology and computers, we are introducing emails as a means of contact, instead of taping, or just plain letter writing using either a pen or typewriter. All of our members make a one to one contact. We are not an open channel like Face book where everyone can read a private email.

Our directory is printed in 12pt, but can be enlarged to LARGE PRINT, on request at an extra fee as this takes up more paper and ink to produce.

We welcome members from other countries too, of all ages and gender. So if you would like to join us, please send your name, address to
Maureen Copping,
Chatterbox Recording Club,
P.O. Box 2951,
Eastbourne, East Sussex, BN20 9WZ.
Email maureencopping@yahoo.co.uk
An application form, this can be sent electronically.

There is some info of our club on

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